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Tabs in original!

In diesem Netz der Lügen (Entwurf) -  See More»

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This is the original draft with all (German) remarks and variations for the bass line. It contains the guitar and bass lines, and a simple drum beat which helped with the timing. It is a bit slower (150 vs. 160) than we're playing it, now. Rather "largo" than "allegro vivace" :D It was the first time using TuxGuitar, and any program at all, for writing a song. So I feel it right to share the original draft, here. License: Of course, you may play it for private purpose and even publish videos of you playing it on guitar, which would be great, as long as you give credits to: "In diesem Netz der Luegen" by Frau Kapitaen, In case you'd like to use it in other ways, for example, in games (commercial or non-commercial), please ask us - if possible, we surely like to cooperate, so don't be shy :D Contact details - please use e-Mail: Have fun! Michael

michael.schreiber posted this tab on 08/09/16 | 18 Comments

another new -  See More»

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more music!

midimusic posted this tab on 04/28/15 | 8 Comments

new -  See More»

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one of the songs that i have written using tux guitar

midimusic posted this tab on 03/10/15 | 6 Comments

Danza Brasilera -  See More»

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President of Guitar

The ORIGINAL tab of Danza Brasilera (Jorge Morel), especially the 2nd part of the song is tabbed elsewhere on the internet terribly wrong. ADVANCED tab: 5 year experience playing acoustic minimum Clear sound, NOT too fast

President of Guitar posted this tab on 10/29/14 | 15 Comments

trial bassline to my original -  See More»

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just testing the software to see how it operates...

ogunonjo posted this tab on 04/15/14 | 11 Comments

Song 1 -  See More»

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Still working on it

Gibson08 posted this tab on 12/23/13 | 6 Comments

Working -  See More»

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I'm added this on here so i can pick it up later on with a new computer

Gibson08 posted this tab on 12/23/13 | 5 Comments

Light the Flame -  See More»

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an original song i had wrote and recorded

XxZero77 posted this tab on 10/02/13 | 9 Comments

Revenge, A Word From the Wise -  See More»

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A full song I wrote (lyrics not mine though) It's kind of a punk song. This was a fun one to produce

crazymatt117 posted this tab on 08/08/13 | 13 Comments

This is the first part of my song -  See More»

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Can you tell me if it's good so far?

andromidaj posted this tab on 06/21/11 | 9 Comments
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