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Tabs in guitar!

Give Up - Low Roar -  See More»

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A great song by a great artist, this is probably the only tab out there for the song, and I guarantee that it is 100% correct other than the key it's in. he tunes his guitar lower or something to get it where it is in the recorded version. Enjoy!

jpaulmcpherson posted this tab on 04/07/14 | 52 Comments

Guitar Warm-up 2 -  See More»

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This is a plain old chromatic warm up. Not super technical; although, the second half utilizes some string skipping.

indylarry posted this tab on 02/24/14 | 8 Comments

Guitar Warm-up 1 -  See More»

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This is a guitar warm-up I used to stretch my fingers and work on finger independence.

indylarry posted this tab on 02/24/14 | 8 Comments

Here_we_go -  See More»

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blurry posted this tab on 02/22/14 | 7 Comments

That's the Havy Metal Spirit -  See More»

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Okay here is the latest material I wrote, it's a bit longer then my other stuff It contains of 3 solos It's a mix of havy metal and rock Please comment and Enjoy!!

Mario2081 posted this tab on 02/21/14 | 33 Comments

Sweet Release -  See More»

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Please leave a comment, any constructive criticism helps!

fossa_II posted this tab on 02/20/14 | 11 Comments

Still Doll - Kanon Wakeshima -  See More»

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This is a re-transcribtion from Still Doll for guitar. It's easy to play and the original is from InfinityEX.

PeachJaden98 posted this tab on 01/22/14 | 9 Comments

Causticity (my first full song) -  See More»

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This is my first full song I've written. Any feedback would be appreciated.

FossaII posted this tab on 01/13/14 | 20 Comments

Handel's Messiah Overture: Grave -  See More»

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Transcription of the first part/Grave of the Overture to Handel's Messiah, done for classical guitar. Easy to Medium difficulty.

joe posted this tab on 11/26/13 | 29 Comments

Blue Guitar Blues -  See More»

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Ukulele tab for Blue Guitar Blues. From Thaddeus Hogarth's Coursera class, Intro to Guitar, Lesson 6 assignment.

jannamark posted this tab on 11/25/13 | 11 Comments
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