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Tabs in guitar!

One Of These Nights -  See More»

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Here is the full (exept vocals) arrangement of "One Of These Nights" by The Eagles. "Overdrive Guitar" is a mixture out of 3 Guitar-tracks All The Guitars are from the Book "Their Greatest Hits 1971 - 1975 Tabs"

Takamino posted this tab on 11/14/16 | 18 Comments

JATATD - Overture -  See More»

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Copywrite protected. Strictly for backup purposes.

dmgranovski posted this tab on 09/30/16 | 4 Comments

Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat -  See More»

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Copywrite protected material - for backup purposes only.

dmgranovski posted this tab on 09/30/16 | 9 Comments

Best Guitar Cords -  See More»

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Hello, I am Jenny Gunn and I am a professional guitarist as well as I am an experienced writer at Custom College Assignment Help. Here I am going to share some useful and beutiful tux song to play and learn online because This art is for everyone and everyone can learn it easily. Thanks

jennygunn11 posted this tab on 09/17/16 | 8 Comments

In diesem Netz der Lügen (Entwurf) -  See More»

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This is the original draft with all (German) remarks and variations for the bass line. It contains the guitar and bass lines, and a simple drum beat which helped with the timing. It is a bit slower (150 vs. 160) than we're playing it, now. Rather "largo" than "allegro vivace" :D It was the first time using TuxGuitar, and any program at all, for writing a song. So I feel it right to share the original draft, here. License: Of course, you may play it for private purpose and even publish videos of you playing it on guitar, which would be great, as long as you give credits to: "In diesem Netz der Luegen" by Frau Kapitaen, In case you'd like to use it in other ways, for example, in games (commercial or non-commercial), please ask us - if possible, we surely like to cooperate, so don't be shy :D Contact details - please use e-Mail: Have fun! Michael

michael.schreiber posted this tab on 08/09/16 | 10 Comments

midi song -  See More»

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another song ive done not sure if its been posted before but i havent posted in a while so thought i would put this up

midimusic posted this tab on 07/28/16 | 29 Comments

Guitar Polka -  See More»

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From my Eastern European roots, a lively piece for two guitars. Good workout for advanced students (and their teachers!).

OldschoolJazzer posted this tab on 06/19/16 | 11 Comments

Polyphia - Euphoria Guitar Tab -  See More»

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Guitar tab for Euphoria by Polyphia

Robn_Str8 posted this tab on 04/24/16 | 46 Comments

cast your shell -  See More»

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fear, and loathing in lasvegas

nameko05 posted this tab on 03/28/16 | 12 Comments

Cast Your Shell -  See More»

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fear,and loathing in LasVegas ?cast your shell?

nameko05 posted this tab on 03/28/16 | 11 Comments
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