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Tabs in fingerstyle!

Crazy Mama -  See More»

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My favorite JJ Cale song. Basic arrangement. Probably not a piece of music suitable for fingerstyle guitar.

oldwhtman posted this tab on 01/28/17 | 1 Comments

Fingerstyle folk song -  See More»

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A folk fingerstyle song I wrote.

drdank posted this tab on 03/14/16 | 4 Comments

Do Ré Mi -  See More»

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Arrangement Ukulele Do Re Mi,_r%C3%A9,_mi,_fa,_sol,_la,_si,_do

julien.siebert posted this tab on 09/18/15 | 6 Comments

Stolen Dance -  See More»

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This is the start of my tabs for stolen dance but whenever i quit tuxguitar they wont open so before i quit im going to export my tabs from now on

m_clarke posted this tab on 04/22/15 | 9 Comments

Fur Elise -  See More»

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Ludwig van Beethoven's Fur Elise.

gio1135 posted this tab on 10/15/13 | 8 Comments

The Entertainer -  See More»

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This is a cool version of The Entertainer.

gio1135 posted this tab on 10/15/13 | 14 Comments

Fernando Carulli - Doloroso -  See More»

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Classical music !

trashguitar posted this tab on 08/20/13 | 13 Comments

Softly and Tenderly (Fingerstyle Guitar) -  See More»

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An arrangement I've been working on for over two years. It evolved from a simple melody line to basic three-string chording to a full arrangement with bass. *NOTE: This arrangement used a 5th string tuned a step lower to G*

Musical_Muze posted this tab on 08/07/13 | 7 Comments

Sweet Hour of Prayer (Fingerstyle Guitar) -  See More»

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My brother wanted to sing this song with guitar accompaniment, so I re-harmonized some of the chords. It sounded so good that I added a melody line and arranged a solo guitar version. Not very complicated, but there's alot of room for improvising around the chords.

Musical_Muze posted this tab on 08/07/13 | 16 Comments

Nothing else matters verse fingerstyle -  See More»

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A different style to play Nothing else matters, the verse part.

startom posted this tab on 09/14/12 | 10 Comments
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