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Tabs in experimental!

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I hope you enjoy it. It's definitely the longest song I have written! Feedback is welcome!

DatPingvinDoh subió esta tablatura el 03/13/17 | 2 Comentarios

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This is a song I made for my B.I.P( band in process) I still plan to add more to it, I just wanted to show you guys what I have so far. Feedback would be nice.

edwin812 subió esta tablatura el 05/23/13 | 8 Comentarios

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The beginning of a new song I've worked on. It's a bit experimental. Please listen to it and rate it (constructive critism ;) )

Alcest subió esta tablatura el 01/18/13 | 8 Comentarios

Experimental (15/16) -  Ver más»

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A friend of mine told me to write something in 15/16. I was surprised how good it sounded^^

DickerBergjude subió esta tablatura el 04/20/12 | 14 Comentarios

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I started a little experiment. 3rd theme is in 7/8. Sounds not really good... but I'll try going on with this ^^

DickerBergjude subió esta tablatura el 04/18/12 | 27 Comentarios

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adamj311 subió esta tablatura el 10/19/11 | 7 Comentarios

Experimental virtues song -  Ver más»

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just some new styles we are trying to oncorperate into our music.

virtues subió esta tablatura el 08/26/11 | 7 Comentarios

Trippy Tux (Malichi94) -  Ver más»

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My first song on tux...took me a good two hours to perfect the way I wanted it

Malichi94 subió esta tablatura el 12/12/10 | 4 Comentarios
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