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Tabs in Thrash!

Some thrash folky metal -  See More»

Rating: 0

Some melodic thrash folk metal shit I wrote

6schnelly6 posted this tab on 02/16/17 | 5 Comments

Megadeth - Lucretia -  See More»

Rating: 0

Artist: Megadeth Album: Rust in Peace Released: September 24, 1990 Studio: Rumbo Recorders Genre: Thrash metal Length: 40:44 Label: Capitol Producer : Dave Mustaine Mike Clink

andersonvom posted this tab on 01/27/17 | 3 Comments

Nightmares (Unfinished) -  See More»

Rating: 0

Again, another unfinished piece. Don't mind the synth, I'm not done with it (obviously.) Features tempo changes and blasting drums.

Metalizer63 posted this tab on 04/14/15 | 15 Comments

The Algorhythm -  See More»

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I neatened up the transition between the main change at the start by having an extended clean section with a solo in it to flow over to the thrashy section and went from there. If all went to plan, this song shouldn't last too long and should have a nice feel and flow to it. If not, more work will be done.

mania45454 posted this tab on 05/14/13 | 13 Comments

The Algorhythm (A part done) -  See More»

Rating: 0

Words can not describe how stuck I am with this. What I got is decent enough but I have no clue on where to go.

mania45454 posted this tab on 05/10/13 | 12 Comments

GFTM -  See More»

Rating: 10

Wrote for my band nobody was actually supposed to see it its just a mess up.

96superman12345 posted this tab on 02/04/12 | 12 Comments

DIE! -  See More»

Rating: 0
Peter Wroe-Beacon

A bit of a joke really, wrote to challenge 'You Suffer' By Napalm Death as shortest ever song.

Peter Wroe-Beacon posted this tab on 10/11/11 | 14 Comments

Spirals (Finished Version) -  See More»

Rating: 8

Well since I haven't really posted any finished songs, I thought I'd just post this with the changes Re and Dub made.

ROXguitarist19 posted this tab on 09/29/11 | 11 Comments

Spirals -  See More»

Rating: 9

This is it guys. My first song in a while that is truly my style. I think it is one of my best yet. I do have one big concern though, the transition (it's labeled) troubles me and if anyone could revise it i would REALLY grateful.

ROXguitarist19 posted this tab on 09/05/11 | 26 Comments

Your Apocalypse -  See More»

Rating: 7

Well while I couldn't get my drummer to tab out his part (he's terrible at notating for some odd reason) I did my best to tab what he did. It may not be perfect but it is extremely close and the groove is the same.

ROXguitarist19 posted this tab on 09/04/11 | 22 Comments
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