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Tabs in Orchestral!

Epic of Dominic - Revised -  See More»

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hey I edited Epic of Dominic - oh and DubGuitar yes I wrote this - it's not a cover... just to answer your question.... =D

Giea_Prince posted this tab on 01/21/13 | 9 Comments

Add Game -  See More»

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Added my own flare to it really. Some relatively melodic metal with some scale work on 7-Strings that are intune with the rest of the song. The transition however may need some work.

mania45454 posted this tab on 01/21/13 | 21 Comments

Carol of the Hammer (Carol of the Bells Cover) -  See More»

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Hey guys... I was just messing around with this one... i did it in like... an hour actually... wow... anywho... I was gonna wait till next Christmas to post this but... it's pretty cool... in my opinion haha

Giea_Prince posted this tab on 01/21/13 | 8 Comments

Here We Ride - Unfinished -  See More»

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Here's my new song... I've been probably 10 hours on it in two days... please tell me what you think! But remember IT ISN'T DONE!!!!!!! - Giea_Prince

Giea_Prince posted this tab on 01/15/13 | 10 Comments

Noise -  See More»

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I just spent an hour on this, most of that time spent on the violin solo at the end. I just wanted to get it out there to see what you guys thought of the solo. I asked my friend (who is a violinist) what she thought and she really likes it. Enjoy!

Giea_Prince posted this tab on 12/02/12 | 17 Comments

Believe in Hope -  See More»

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This is my new piece. I have been working on it for 2 1/2 hours straight. I'd love some feedback. (by the way, I'm not sure if I'm finished with the song, and this is only my first draft so please give any suggestions. I would love any pointers, help, etc.) Thanks, enjoy!

Giea_Prince posted this tab on 12/01/12 | 54 Comments

Kill the Warlord (work in progress) -  See More»

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This is some score for a story I've written (Red Sky), which is the plot for a novel.

DickerBergjude posted this tab on 11/28/12 | 13 Comments

Heavens Hammer (2nd version) -  See More»

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Sam Gen

Some will remind that one, it's a song i wrote with Marvin about one year ago. I think that that one is the song that I'M the most proud. I remove the distortion guitar to add violin, cello and Viola. Hope You'll like. :)

Sam Gen posted this tab on 11/07/12 | 13 Comments

rampart -  See More»

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Hi!! I'm Japanese high school student. This song is my maiden work!!

japan-ryohei posted this tab on 10/10/12 | 10 Comments
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