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Lluvia -  See More»

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Ideal para mirar por la ventana el vaiven de la lluvia al caer

icruz posted this tab on 06/01/16 | 7 Comments

Instrumental -  See More»

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andrerics posted this tab on 07/16/15 | 32 Comments

No matter -  See More»

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Da niemand meine Sprache versteht: Dies ist eine Beta von einem neuem Lied von mir :D

SoulCookienator posted this tab on 04/11/15 | 12 Comments

The Great Piano -  See More»

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I composed this a while ago and it's probably my greatest work ever. Really great piano piece that I worked fucking hard on and to be honest, it's kinda really fucking good. Any criticism is welcome.

edwin812 posted this tab on 08/19/14 | 33 Comments

untitled -  See More»

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ogRazi posted this tab on 04/26/14 | 12 Comments

deluge -  See More»

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Here is an instrumental piece I wrote this night. Always wanted to do something with this bassline I had 2 years in the drawer. As I began to think about different song parts I noticed that I don't wanna to go away from this tune, so I decided in the meanwhile to leave this song as an instrumental without lyrics and the classical song parts. Maybe I will add other stuff or putting in more dynamics, but it's alright for a few hours work (means a night:)) The title refers to the current floods in mid europe.

Geotic posted this tab on 06/07/13 | 8 Comments

Project 209 -  See More»

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started this last night still not finished though have a listen and tell me your thoughts on it helps alot thanks :)

Enflamed_Shadow posted this tab on 12/26/12 | 19 Comments

Project 187 -  See More»

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I've been working on this a bit more today, so please have a listen and tell us what you think of it thanks :)

Enflamed_Shadow posted this tab on 10/26/12 | 14 Comments

The Artist (Project 53) -  See More»

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another song finished altho i may alter some little bits when it gets to the recording stage have a listen and please tell me what you think of it :)

Enflamed_Shadow posted this tab on 10/22/12 | 10 Comments

The Revolution -  See More»

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This time, no synth, piano, strings, just guitars and drums. Don't really know how long this goes for and since since this is an instrumental song (Actually aimed at being one) it can't be stupidly long. I got inspiriation for one piece from Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr by Trivium but made it my own as much as I could. (I saying this now so I don't get griped at later) Its got some nice bits as well as some heavy bits. Enjoy guys.

mania45454 posted this tab on 04/19/12 | 16 Comments
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