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Tabs in Harmonic!

The Great Piano -  See More»

Rating: 0

I composed this a while ago and it's probably my greatest work ever. Really great piano piece that I worked fucking hard on and to be honest, it's kinda really fucking good. Any criticism is welcome.

edwin812 posted this tab on 08/19/14 | 33 Comments

Metal Fusion -  See More»

Rating: 3

Something pretty spontaneously created

Baraddur posted this tab on 12/21/10 | 7 Comments

Astronomy Take 2 -  See More»

Rating: 0

This is the much improved version. Credit for helping me goes to my girlfriend.

Baraddur posted this tab on 12/11/10 | 5 Comments

Astronomy -  See More»

Rating: 7

Just something I wrote for my Astronomy project, its not especially good but that's what I need you guys for, I feel like its missing something, what do you think needs to be added?

Baraddur posted this tab on 12/08/10 | 4 Comments
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