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CHECK THIS OUT HERE OR: Thank you. the Giea Prince

Giea_Prince posted this tab on 01/14/14 | 5 Comments

Soulbeat -  See More»

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An epic long term creation by myself. I hold it in high regard and I think that its the best thing ever. :D Thanks for listening!

Maijion1 posted this tab on 12/21/13 | 10 Comments

Phoenix -  See More»

Rating: 0

Not done Feedback please :D Tips/Ideas???

Jurston posted this tab on 10/16/13 | 15 Comments

Through the Belly of Tomorrow -  See More»

Rating: 9

Let your imagination take hold

Jurston posted this tab on 03/30/12 | 15 Comments

Out from the dark album intro (unbinded) -  See More»

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this is the possible intro to an album my band are making, if you like it like on facebook! love y'all

mar7115 posted this tab on 03/22/12 | 7 Comments

Marvin's Lament (V. 2) -  See More»

Rating: 10
Sam Gen

The final version of Dub is good, but this is the second version. I just edit the drums a little bit and change some guitar for violon. I try to change ending lead for trumpet. It was really good but it's bad with the two other guitar.

Sam Gen posted this tab on 03/08/12 | 29 Comments

slaaaaaaashhhhhh -  See More»

Rating: 6

in progress

ckurinec42 posted this tab on 02/29/12 | 6 Comments

Die Already (finished for now) -  See More»

Rating: 9

I uploaded a shorter version earlier. I like this one way more. A Minor

Josh.B posted this tab on 02/08/12 | 29 Comments

Living a Lie (Complete) -  See More»

Rating: 8

Well mania, it's finally done. That harmony part was a tad tricky but I think you'll like it. I especially like the outro because it is VERY dark.

ROXguitarist19 posted this tab on 09/18/11 | 17 Comments

Living a Lie (I'm Back in Business) -  See More»

Rating: 9

Ok so I'm feeling much better and can write again. With that said, I'm unsure about these drums. They sound average to me but I think that is what this section requires. Some average drums that fit the feel.

ROXguitarist19 posted this tab on 09/17/11 | 11 Comments
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