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Tabs in Acoustic!

Mr.Sunshine -  Ver más»

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Aliourne subió esta tablatura el 03/20/17 | 3 Comentarios

Fingerstyle folk song -  Ver más»

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A folk fingerstyle song I wrote.

drdank subió esta tablatura el 03/14/16 | 4 Comentarios

Danza Brasilera -  Ver más»

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President of Guitar

The ORIGINAL tab of Danza Brasilera (Jorge Morel), especially the 2nd part of the song is tabbed elsewhere on the internet terribly wrong. ADVANCED tab: 5 year experience playing acoustic minimum Clear sound, NOT too fast

President of Guitar subió esta tablatura el 10/29/14 | 15 Comentarios

Demo Take 1 -  Ver más»

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okey here I come with new material take a listen ;) >>for every comment I will listen and comment your two songs<<...enjoy

Mario2081 subió esta tablatura el 03/08/14 | 56 Comentarios

sooong -  Ver más»

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i didnt use distorsion guitar to this one...a good song in my oppinion plz comment and i will comment on your stuff too!!

asdasd subió esta tablatura el 10/17/13 | 25 Comentarios

Arrownomadis' Sorrow -  Ver más»

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A slight cop-off of the original "Dramatic Song" (Toby Turner), with a Giean twist and reconstruction. One of my better pieces I think (and hope). But is not finished - I'm close, but not quite ;) I'll be posting the finished version as soon as I can. - The Giea Prince

Giea_Prince subió esta tablatura el 10/05/13 | 23 Comentarios

beyond the mire -  Ver más»

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i've been listening to a lot of opeth and christophe frutuoso while i was experimenting with my acoustic any suggestions on how i can improve this?

cosmogenesis91 subió esta tablatura el 09/07/13 | 30 Comentarios

Poudree -  Ver más»

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New work

Gonfalon subió esta tablatura el 05/18/13 | 12 Comentarios

The Headache -  Ver más»

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This is a song I wrote because I had a headache. It actually turned out very good, considering I only wrote it to take my mind off the headache. Good enough for me to upload here, anyway, so go ahead and take a listen.

blackspider subió esta tablatura el 02/19/13 | 17 Comentarios

Alone -  Ver más»

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Another of my favorite acoustic songs that I wrote with lyrics included. (Once again, check them out.) It has a nice little solo during the bridge (although that's not really a solo it's more for effect) and a solo at the end. (That actually is a solo.)

blackspider subió esta tablatura el 02/03/13 | 24 Comentarios
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