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Blues Man Rhythm -  See More»

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This is a simple Blues song I wrote in Key of E at 100 BPM

wvchase posted this tab on 03/08/17 | 4 Comments

Careless Wishper -  See More»

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Careless Wishper by George Michael

shniranjan posted this tab on 03/02/17 | 2 Comments

Snake Eyes -  See More»

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Snake Eyes from Under Your Breath. Tuning in Drop C

cperez5518 posted this tab on 02/25/17 | 6 Comments

Idk man -  See More»

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Still working on it lul

Chubbytor0 posted this tab on 02/25/17 | 2 Comments

Thermal Bad -  See More»

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The New Mastersounds

bsacco posted this tab on 02/21/17 | 3 Comments

Thermal Bad -  See More»

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midi and transcription...not perfect but close

bsacco posted this tab on 02/21/17 | 2 Comments

Some thrash folky metal -  See More»

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Some melodic thrash folk metal shit I wrote

6schnelly6 posted this tab on 02/16/17 | 5 Comments

Ex's and Oh's -  See More»

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Ex's and Oh's Sheet music

klahr288 posted this tab on 02/14/17 | 5 Comments

deathsquad -  See More»

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AdamVlassis posted this tab on 02/12/17 | 1 Comments

Yomg‘ir -  See More»

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"Yomg‘ir" is a popular song by the Uzbek pop-rock band Sahar. The title of the song translates into English as "Rain". The author of this tab file is Nasib Abdulmanov. He has given me written permission to upload the file to online tab repositories. The author himself doesn't want to take the time to personally upload the file.

Nataev posted this tab on 02/11/17 | 18 Comments
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