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EIND TuxGuitar tablature

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I hope you enjoy it. It's definitely the longest song I have written! Feedback is welcome!


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I gotta applaud you on this dude. Some sections were absolute gold and I kept my interest throughout the song.

However there were some notes here and there that seemed out of place, measure 113 was a good example with the 13,12 on the g string seeming a bit off (If by design well done, if not then you might wanna see to it)

The lack of a bass guitar was very damaging as well since I could see so many uses for one throughout the song to counterpoint riffs and add a beefy low end.

Finally, a bit more of a traditional song structure would have helped, even if it was just re using a past riff just to add a bit of continuity to the song.

All the same, I can see you've got a lot of growth here to refine your writing style. Look forward to hearing from you

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