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A New King; A Destroyer, tablatura de TuxGuitar


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The final song from my concept album "The New World". 12:57 of metal goodness.

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This lullaby is likely to cause insomnia :)
Hey great stuff man! I was wondering if you had anything set up or if you're just tabbing? I think that if you can get a group of people to play this with you that would phenomenal. Let me know. I really like everything I've heard from you. Keep up the great work!
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Well once I've finished off the concept I plan on recording. Still got a few more bits to do before I'm there. On top of that, I wrote this from head to tab so I've gotta learn it as well XD
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Excellent job, thank you for sharing.
I understand what you mean, I've done that quite a few times actually, ha. I think you can get it man! You're pretty talented and I think that you could easily figure it out. It'll just take some practice, ha. Let me know if you do get a recording out somehow yeah? That'd be great.

Also you commented on my song and I wanted to say thanks! I wrote it a few years ago and I thought I should share it because I kept telling myself I would. I neglected the fact of touching it up and I think that probably not the best I idea, aha.

The mention measure 113, that was supposed to be that way, I understand what you were getting at though.

The lack of bass is a damaging thing for sure but I don't know how to add more instruments after a point. It won't let me add a new one it will add a copy of the last and whenever I try switching it at all it changes the previous track as well.

The lack of a traditional structure is a thing I tend to struggle with. I just keep going and going, ha. For that song though it was more of a wild thing like a flow forward rather than a circle. I get what you mean though. This was based on a ton of science stuff so I thought I should keep it unpredictable.

Thanks for all the feedback though it was amazing to see! Especially since I listen to your stuff. It's always nice to see it in return.

I hope you're doing well and thank you again for both your music and your feedback. I'm greatly appreciative that you took the time out your day to listen to my stuff.

Keep up the great work!
Also what's up with all the ads on people's content? Is there a way to block spam on here?
Talented writer? maybe. Talented Guitar player? Definitely not XD At most I can play most of my song Traitor and that's murderously painful to play.

No problem. I'm not as active on the site anymore since the main group who posted here moved over to Facebook to share our stuff there to get away from the spam and crashing.

The song was good man. Though you're definitely braver than me to upload that...I can't even look at my old stuff anymore XD

As long as it sounds how you want it to sound, I can't complain. Just remember dissonance is great when it fits, off notes that don't belong are sadly just off notes so be very careful how you go about that.

I think it's a 15 instrument limit plus whatever instruments you link together in the same chain. All the same I tend to work around a typical band structure when I get my instruments together. You can also go into the mixer and make sure the drop down menu numbers match each other to give you more tracks to work with.

I'll try and give it where I can dude. If the site ain't down, I might drop by.

The spammers are awful. Sadly no you can't get away from them.
I'm sure that you can become a more talented player than you think if you just tried, ha. I know it's difficult though. I tend to get stagnant every so often, ha.

I gotcha there, that makes sense. What's the facebook page called if you don't mind my asking? This site isn't the best really it's like terribly hard to find anything and the spam! Good lord the spam, aha. It also doesn't notify me of anything so that's tough, ha.

Thanks man, haha. Yeah I tend to have troubles looking back but some are definitely a fun memory.

I understand what you mean there. I try to go with what fits best and I may or may not screw people's ears sometimes, haha. It's the learning experience. Ha.

I gotcha I think I could worj with that a little more I just have new tracks even if it's the same as the one before which is probably why it fills so quickly.

That's very awesome of you and I appreciate it greatly!

Grossssssssss. I wish this site was well kept. It has so much potential and it kinda just shiiii itself right out of the limelight. Haha.
The page is called TuxGuitar Community. It's a closed group though so you'll either have to apply to the group or I'll have to add you to it.

You can add me on facebook if you want to join. Search Gareth Lidstone.
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