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Hey people on coumounity site TuxGuitar tablature

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So mostly posting cause i see their some new members. If you dont know this site used to be very active with ton of active members. this was a few years ago. Since the site has been down numerous times. Some time we thought it was gone forever. And let not forget the spam bot. So me and including about 100+ memeber from this site have relocated to facebook. To share lising and injoy echarder music. We hope to see you their. Here the facebook link. Btw the file is a ramdom file of one of my song that im gonna pick at ramdom


Hey I am glad there are people around, I was hoping though that this site would be improved rather than be left to rot! I do not have facebook so I guess I will not join the fun!

By the way, is this the only place to find tuxguitar tabs? I guess with guitarpro tabs being so widespread there is no need for tuxguitar tabs, but hey, I am a purist!
addition: I hate this sites interface since I cannot find how to browse the tabs properly (I know about the tags on the left - they give me a humongous list). And the main program only displays top 10 and some random tabs, I cannot search from its interface.
You might find some other sites that have them but the original community has fled, myself included. It's quite sad since we had a very tight knit community and all.
Yeah i miss the community site. As for other site their none I know of beside this one.

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