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More Egypty shit. TuxGuitar tablature


Another solid headbanger and a truly exotic one at that. For myself, the metal band Myrath has been a big influence on my earlier exotic uploads, I would recommend them, but you probably already listen to them:p A grand metal statement. Awesome.
I didn't really hear the Egyptian influence. I wasn't keen on the intro (2-9). Verse 2 was cool, you could maybe add some fills in that riff to spice it up. The solo could use more work I think. To me, it just drags out at the moment ( chain of sixteenth notes). Bar 61 was nice dunno if its part of the chorus. The lead fills overall were good. The breakdowns were breakdowns, don't have much to say about them. On a side note, do you make your songs in Guitar-Pro, from jamming on the guitar or 50/50(both GP and playing)?
If one could find more metal of this direction I would surely listen more to metal, I could hear it all day. For one a metal statement, for others a courtship song to join metal. Apart from the rest the chorus could be also in a good (alternative) rock song, it has a very good riff. Awesome x2
Very nice man. It seems like every time you get something up it sounds neater, and ever so more entertaining. Its nice to hear you back in the Jewish scale, I swear you automatically write better when you're using it.
@joe 50/50. this one was all GP but i learned it after i finished (except the solo. still working on that lol
I really enjoyed the bass line. My favorite part was the chorus. measures 52-60 was awesome. I feel like 99-106 could have been repeated bofore measure 107.
At Verse 3, I would like it freakier, something very distastful and brainsplitting; the guitars are ok, the bass to, so I guess that some track could be added or maybe the drum could be tweaked, or maybe not, im just commenting lightheadedly. At breakdown A, on your rhythm guitar, I suggest muting your dotted notes with staccato. I like your outro, but I'm pretty sure you would like it with snares simultaneously with your rhythm guitar palm muting; maybe not, but I would for sure, but my way may be too preditable. A respectable song, I don't know where youre going with it, but it an original song, something is lacking, but it can't be added with tuxguitar, I hope you're battling on diverse field to compensate.
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