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Hey guys. Yeah I've been too damn busy with work and school to really focus on writing so hopefully I'll have this done over the break. Here's where I'm at. It's not nearly as seamless as it will be because I like to make a skeleton and then add in all the frilly goodness later (transitions, dynamics, effects, etc). The last riff is the solo riff and this is going to be structured a lot like End of the Road is.

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Nice one dude. I love the breakdown a lot especially the dissonant ensemble strings. That solo in 75 was dirty as hell, I would just at least extend it longer if possible. In measure 94 I think the drums should be heavier, but the rest of it is pretty tight. Glad to have you composing again! and in your free time check out War Between Words by me and Kieran.
dude this is nice, check out my song: Rock Project (done)
Your being busy at school is a benediction believe me: a musician who is busy elsewhere is more inventive. Carcass mixed music with medicine and did great songs. Of course things don't seems as fast as it should. Your fans (us) are asking for more but we're just spoiled kids:)

Great song, felicitation for the style, I feel like it's totally original and very clever.
I know. I like being at school and work but you can't do that and expect to have much time on your hands. Dub, The drums should stay in this style to give that riff a more prog rock type feel but if they can be better I'll think of a way. Thanks guys.
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I like this from about Bar 35 onwards... Quite a good driving rock piece.

To my ears... the first 34 bars wander a bit to much... The early part of piece does not seem to develop very "naturally" to my ears. I really like from br 35 onwards though... a good driving slightly "Prog-Rock-ish" piece....

A bit of a coda to round it off at the end would also be good.... In my view, the piece is well worth developing further.
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